Direct Access Barrister: why appointing one makes good sense

While traditionally a barrister was instructed by solicitors to represent and advise their clients, that has not been the case for in the United Kingdom for some time. Paying for two different types of legal representitive to act for you in the same case can prove expensive.

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What a direct access barrister can do for you

A direct access barrister enables clients to engage in legal proceedings without paying for a solicitor. Direct access is also known as public access. 

As a specialist divorce barrister, My Divorce Barristers can efficiently and cost-effectively guide you through the divorce process by:

  • providing you with direct expert legal advice
  • drafting agreements, correspondence and instructions to experts
  • assisting with the statements of litigants and witnesses
  • negotiating on your behalf and attend without prejudice meetings
  • drafting formal court documents
  • representing you in court.

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