Divorce Fees

My Divorce Barristers Fees by the Hour

On this page My Divorce Barristers set out indicative fees along with basic terms for Direct Access Services regarding divorce cases for Personal Clients and Personal Clients with Business Interests.

My Divorce Barristers can only appear in the family division of the High Court in England and Wales.

Please note that in Family Cases (Child Access) and Financials After Divorce Cases you cannot recover legal fees (99% of the time). 

My Divorce Barristers’ Full Terms and Conditions are HERE and you warrant you have read them when you instruct us.

Please note VAT will be added to all fees where applicable.

Click here for our Terms of Business

Initial Consultations

My Divorce Barristers provide initial 20 minute divorce consultations free of charge in the first instance, by phone or Zoom. Click here to arrange a free divorce consultation.

My Divorce Barristers provide more in depth divorce consultations for up to 60 minutes for a fee of £250. Click here to arrange an in depth divorce consultation.

My Divorce Barristers fees on an hourly rate

My Divorce Barristers’ hourly rate is from £250 per hour. Please get in touch for more information. Total fees charged are dependant on a number of factors depending on the complexity of the divorce case, the number of hours or days need to be spent on preparation, the location of the hearing and the number of days in court or tribunal. Please get in touch for more information.

Direct Access Court Attendance Fees – these do not include any preparation on a case but will include a 20 minute discussion prior to the hearing. My Divorce Barristers charge £500 for less than half a day, £1,000 to attend court for half a day or £2,000 for a full day. 

If you instruct My Divorce Barristers more than 21 days before a court hearing to attend only, we will charge an additional £500 plus court hearing fees, to account for client contact regarding advice and information on how to prepare for giving evidence and to discuss the merits of the case. 

If My Divorce Barristers work on your case at an hourly rate, we will record and charge for phone calls and dealing with emails or letters. Consider at all times if the contact you make is necessary or not.

My Divorce Barristers will charge for any travel, hotel and subsistence costs, which will be discussed and agreed before instruction. 

Variation in fees and unforeseen costs

Fees can be affected by a number of factors, such as those mentioned on this page. Some clients need greater hand-holding and support, whereas some clients require less support, thus keeping their costs down.

On occasions, courts or tribunals may run out of time on a day we attend, to such a degree that there will be additional costs, e.g. you pay me for 1 day in court but it becomes 2 days.

Instructing My Divorce Barristers to handle your divorce case

My Divorce Barristers require a non refundable deposit to put a court attendance in our diary, in accordance with the Court Order.

You accept on instructing My Divorce Barristers, that should a case conclude early (including if it is agreed to settle soon after arriving at court) no refunds will be due.

Engagement Letters

An engagement letter will be sent to clients prior to any work on divorce cases undertaken.

Legal Aid

My Divorce Barristers do not have a legal aid contract. If you need legal aid you should contact a firm of solicitors who have a legal aid contract.

You can view the Legal Aid Commission website which has an eligibility calculator for legal aid. If you are a high earner you may not be eligible for legal aid or you may have to make a high contribution which may amount to more than you would end having to pay me by going private.

My Divorce Barristers are NOT obligated to take on a case. In any event a fee must be agreed before any instructions are formally accepted.

If you have any questions call 07354710349 during office hours or email s.shepherd@mydivorcebarristers.co.uk