Why use us

Why use My Divorce Barristers, and not a divorce solicitor to handle your separation?

While most, as their first point of call, would Google ‘divorce solicitor’ (you might type ‘divorce lawyer’ but they’re essentially the same thing), this could mean prolonging your case and it costing far more than it needs to.

Why? It’s simple. A divorce solicitor charges you for EVERY meeting, phone call, email and EVERY time a legal document is processed, until either an agreement is reached or the matter goes to court. So is it any wonder it’s in a divorce solicitor’s best interests to prolong the process, in order to maximise their income from your case?

One point of contact throughout your divorce

Going to a Direct Access Barrister (such as My Divorce Barristers) means they can handle your case as a divorce solicitor would, doing all the groundwork and then if required, seeing it through to court. You deal with one person through the whole process.

Fixed fee divorces for complex and high net worth cases

Alongside this, My Divorce Barristers work differently to most divorce solicitors. For complex cases involving high net worth clients we can do pre-agreed, fixed fee divorces. Which means it’s in our interests to progress the case quickly and efficiently, minimising stress and uncertainty for clients. This can be especially important to complex divorce and separation cases and cases involving high net worth individuals with a significant amount of wealth and assets.

Cost-effective representation from My Divorce Barristers

Instead of having permanent expensive offices and sizeable overheads, My Divorce Barristers maintain their offices in the Newcastle and Leeds areas, and do business in Manchester and London through the Regus office network. This avoids paying to be part of expensive chambers, savings we pass onto our clients.

Cost-effective representation online

Of course some clients prefer to meet face-to-face to discuss their issues. My Divorce Barristers are more than happy to have these discussions via Zoom or similar online meeting platforms. Get in touch for more info.

How My Divorce Barristers will handle your divorce

Upon instruction, My Divorce Barristers will commit to getting you the fair and equitable outcome you deserve. We’ll listen to you and answer your questions honestly and address your concerns about divorce proceedings, child maintenance, child contact arrangements and financial provisions.

How My Divorce Barristers help protect businesses during divorce cases

Before engaging in divorce proceedings, it is important to get advice before doing anything to protect your business. A wrong move at this stage could have serious repercussions.

If you’ve kept your business separate from your private assets then this can help when courts decide on your divorce settlement, especially if your spouse has never involved in the business. Being a joint owner of a business, rather than the sole owner, can also help as courts actively avoid impacting negatively upon others’ lives.

When should I seek specialist legal advice around my divorce?

It is never too early to seek advice from My Divorce Barristers, even if you are only considering leaving your partner, we can advise on the potential impact on assets, investments and a business. It is better to be prepared as soon as possible.